Aatu Keränen

CEO & Co-founder

Aatu Keränen holds a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development and an international master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the School of Economics at Lund University. Aatu co-founded Allight but formally onboarded the CEO position in January 2023. Aatu has previously co-founded consulting company in the wellness industry and has also received several awards for his entrepreneurial efforts, e.g. nominated as a Young Pioneer by the IFS foundation, recognized by the Prince Daniels Fellowship, won the Venture Cup Idea in the southern region, won the first prize in Future Innovation competition and selected for the Entrepreneurs’ 103 young ideas. Aatu has also organized and driven through 28 countries around the world on a motorcycle.

Shareholdings as of 2024-01-03:
405,600 shares, and 130,000 stock options through incentive program

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