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Adaptive H4 LED Projector Bulb

Allight’s aftermarket adaptive motorcycle lights illuminate dark areas in turns and increase your visibility and safety on road! Don’t let dark or poor road conditions stop you. 

Increased Visibility*
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Fewer Accidents*
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Detect hazards, potholes and other danger in time.

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Premium OSRAM automotive LEDs illuminates your path.

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The beam pattern complies with ECE and SAE (DOT) regulations.



This Plug & Drive solution is as easy as changing a H4 bulb.

Our Adaptive Product Series

adaptive H4 motorcycle headlight for aftermarket

Adaptive H4 LED Bulb

adaptive motorcycle headlight for aftermarket

Adaptive 7" Headlight

adaptive motorcycle auxiliary light for aftermarket

Adaptive Auxiliary

Aftermarket Adaptive Motorcycle Lights

Packed with Innovative Technology

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High Illumination Efficiency

New light technology minimizes loss off illuminated light and maximizes lumens output.

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Wide Beam Pattern

Smart double lens system creates wide and sharp beam pattern compatible with ECE & DOT.

adaptive H4 motorcycle headlight for aftermarket
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Advanced Adaptive Sensor Technology

Ultra-responsive adaptive motor, combined with advanced sensor technology.

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Efficient Cooling

Effective heatsink design provides efficient cooling and long product lifetime. 

Together We Save Lives

Increase Visibility in Turns

Let our Adaptive H4 LED bulb illuminate dark areas in turns – increasing your and other vehicles’ safety on road.

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How our adaptive H4 motorcycle headlight works

How It Works

Allight's Adaptive Technology

When the motorcycle leans, the advanced built-in sensor technology will calculate banking angles 50 times per second and constantly adjust accordingly to make sure that the headlight beam stays level throughout your ride. This allows you to see the road ahead and in turns, even in dark or poor driving conditions!  

Increase your road safety

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