World's first adaptive H4 LED bulb OEM Integration
World's first adaptive H4 LED bulb
We've all been waiting for it, and soon it's here. Production starts in Q2 2024.
OEM Integration
Allight's Adaptive Lighting Technology is fully integrable and compatible for OEM integration.

Our Adaptive Product Series


Adaptive H4 LED Bulb

Adaptive headlights

Adaptive Headlight

Adaptive Auxiliary Lights

Adaptive Auxiliary Light

World's First

Adaptive H4 LED Projector Bulb

Don’t let dark or poor road conditions stop you. Illuminate dark voids and increase your visibility and safety on road!

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Higher Safety*
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Fewer Accidents*
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Detect hazards, potholes and other danger in time.

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Premium OSRAM automotive LEDs illuminates your path.

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The beam pattern complies with ECE and SAE (DOT) regulations.



This Plug & Drive solution is as easy as changing a H4 bulb.

The Problem

45% of Fatal Accidents Occur in Corners

200,000 lives are lost on two-wheelers and three-wheelers each year in traffic worldwide. Additionally, a couple of million minor an severe accidents takes place.

45% of the fatal accidents occur in corners outside populated areas (WHO, 2022), due to:

As a driver, you experience a dark void in corners due to that when the vehicle tilts, the main headlight beam tilts with it – making it to a unpleasant ride and hard to detect hazards in time.



Packed with Innovative Technology

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High Illumination Efficiency

New light technology minimizes loss off illuminated light and maximizes lumens output.

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Wide Beam Pattern

Smart double lens system creates wide and sharp beam pattern compatible with ECE & DOT.

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Advanced Adaptive Sensor Technology

Ultra-responsive adaptive motor, combined with advanced sensor technology.

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Efficient Cooling

Effective heatsink design provides efficient cooling and long product lifetime. 

Increased Safety

Eliminates dark void and increases road visibility.


Effective design without extra light sources.


Small in size with unique mounting system.

Wide Compatibility

Integrates with reflector-, LED-, and projector .

Design Upside

Technology is integrated inside main headlight.

Easy Installation

Plug and Play retrofit solutions for end-users.

We offer

Unique values

Allight’s adaptive headlight technology offers unique set of values for OEM and Aftermarket two-wheelers, three-wheelers and other segments.

How It Works

OEM & Aftermarket vehicles equipped with Allight’s Adaptive Headlight Technology can enjoy level light at all times.

Our adaptive headlight technology is ultra-fast and responsive, thanks to our unique and compact mounting system combined with advanced sensor technology that synchronizes 50 times per second to the vehicle’s movement – allowing the driver to see the entire road ahead even in dark or poor visibility.

The adaptive headlight technology and mounting system can be integrated with OEM vehicles – making this life-saving technology available to all drivers.

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